Miles of Pennies

What is the Miles of Pennies (M.O.P.) Grant?

The Miles of Pennies Fund was established in 1988 on the 100th anniversary of The Church Periodical Club. The Miles of Pennies Fund Committee awarded its first grants in 1991. The maximum grant given by Miles of Pennies is $844.80 which represents one mile of pennies. The grants serve the needs of children from kindergarten through high school wherever there is a need.

Who may apply for a Miles of Pennies (M.O.P.) Grant?

Any organization, church or individual affiliated with the Anglican Communion may apply. For example: Christian Education Classes, Camps, VBS, Libraries, Tutor after school class, Happenings, Jr. DOK, Youth Ministry.

Tell us why is a grant needed.

A description of the on-going or new program or project for children and its relationship to the church and/or community, including an approximate number and the ages of the children involved, determines the need.

What can a grant be requested for?

1. Books, workbooks, manuals, videos, CD's or audio-visual materials
2. Shipping and Handling costs of recycled books

Materials may be religious or secular but MUST be for children. (Pre-school thru High School Age)
The maximum amount of money requested may NOT exceed 1 Mile of Pennies - $844.80

When can I apply?

Anytime - as grants are awarded year round by the committee.
Separate applications may be submitted for only 2 consecutive years.

Where do I get an application form?

Download the application in PDF format or from The Church Periodical Club at any level: Parish Representative, Diocesan Director, Province Representative or National Office -

Church Periodical Club
PO Box 1206
Manorville, NY 11949
phone 631-447-3996

Also, please download the Grant Guidelines and the Addendum.

How do I complete the application form?

On the official form:
- Type or print complete address
- give a brief concise statement on application form
- attach an additional sheet which fully describes the project requesting the grant, including background information such as: approximate number and ages of children involved, relationship to church and/or community. Name of person in charge.
- Amount should equal total on a signed, dated, material sheet which includes (for materials)
- Give name, address and telephone number of person in charge of administrating the program, and who should receive the funds for the recipient.
- Be sure to check Yes or No and if yes, the amount

ENDORSEMENT MUST be signed by a Church Periodical Club representative at either church, diocesan or province level.

Note - overseas application forms are basically filled out the same way but they REQUIRE THE SIGNATURE of the BISHOP OF THE OVERSEAS DIOCESE

SPANISH LANGUAGE FORMS are available from the national office.